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Airports are undoubtedly incredible places that give us that feeling of vacation that we long for. But they can also be spaces where creativity and even a bit of people’s madness take place.

Usually, while you wait for your luggage to show up on the airport carousel, you are more concerned if it is going to be spoiled and broken. Probably not about if you are traveling alongside a block of raw chicken meat.

The TSA posted a video of the bizarre incident on Instagram earlier this week.

The video has already received nearly 400,000 views and more than 1,100 comments on social media. The administration did not identify the airport where the chicken was found but tagged Seattle as the location.

“Chickens can fly …? Surely not this way” This was the caption, with a touch of sarcasm published by the agency that controls air transport in the USA.


Viral Video: TSA Finds Raw Chicken Riding The Luggage Carousel

According to their website, fresh meat and seafood can be packed in a checked suitcase or carried in carry-on luggage, but if the meat is packed with ice or ice packs, the ice must be “completely frozen” during the trip.

In fact, even the website makes the recommendation that if you are transporting perishable food, it should be packed with dry ice, for greater reliability.

It’s unclear how the raw chicken ended up on the baggage carousel. The TSA said it had been stored in a cooler; however, it is possible that between the luggage and the carousel, the corral became “open-air”. The video went viral on August 30 but was shared by the TSA on August 26 through its Instagram account.

The video was removed but users who were near the carousel at the time took it upon themselves to give the footage to the internet.