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For all cat lovers and owners, we all know they can be naughty and playful. They also can be dominant in their own houses. Their curiosity makes them develop intelligence: they can understand numerous things.

In fact, cats have fantastic short- and long-term memories. So imagine you combine all these characteristics in just one cat. You will surely have to be careful and so attentive to what your cat might be planning…

As it turns out, it might be planning a party. It happened in Lugo, Spain, when the police received a call for a very noisy party just to find out after that it was the cat who knew how to use the stereo…


The Empty Party

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An unusual event occurred in the early hours of Sunday in Lugo, Spain. It aroused funny comments and interactions between users of social networks around the world. Neighbors notified the police of an alleged party, but the officers found something unimaginable.

The agents went to an apartment for annoying noise. Expecting to encounter a massive event, they discovered that the place was empty and that there was indeed a stereo on. But, how did it happen? Where’s the party?

The next day they managed to find the owner of the apartment who explained that he was outside the city and that only his pet was in the apartment.


The Party Kitty

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Thus, they came to the conclusion that whoever had turned on the music equipment had been the animal “since it has the habit of turning on the musical equipment with its leg and turning the volume wheel,” according to declarations made by its owner to the authorities.

The curious fact drew thousands of laughter from Facebook users, and some even called the pet “The Party Kitty”. In addition, some neighbors recommended the owner of the animal unplug his equipment next time he goes on a trip.