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These days social media are a big part of our life, even if we are not regular posters. We care too much about other people’s opinions, and how we look in their eyes, and that messes up with some of us. Every day we see weird things on the internet that others have done to become popular or gain more views than they already have, but sometimes these kinds of things can get really out of hand, and turn into something completely different.

The most recent news about social media scandals is about Caila Carim, a Brazilian influencer whose actions were kind of questionable. Caila has a strong base of followers because she is a model and an actress as well.

Still, this amount of followers was maybe what caused her to now be canceled. It all started when Caila gave birth to her daughter back in April. Instead of posting cute pictures of the newborn, she decided to give placentophagy a try and publish it on her social media.


Video: Influencer Drinks Her Own Placenta In A Smoothie

Placentophagy refers to the practice of consuming the placenta shortly after giving birth. This is a very common process in the animal kingdom, but humans are the exception. Regardless, this activity has caught some attention in the last few years.

There is some belief that consuming these compounds could be beneficial for the mother as for the child. Some people are convinced that eating the placenta could boost the maternal instinct and hormones, and could be great to treat post-natal depression. However, there is no actual confirmation about this.

Even though there is no scientific evidence about the properties of eating placenta, it became a popular topic after Kim Kardashian talked about it. That is why two days after Caila’s baby was born, she prepared what she thought was a nutritious smoothie.

Caila mixed the placenta with acai berry juice to give it a tropical taste and recorded the whole experience. In the footage, you can see her taking a sip of the beverage, and saying that it tastes just like acai. Then, she offered a little bit of the drink to her friend, who kindly declined.

The video wasn’t received well. People started to attack her because they thought that was a disgusting act, while others stated that she didn’t have to post about it and she was looking for attention. She fought back on Twitter and posted “sick are those who are disgusted by that” and stood by her actions.

There is a lot of controversy about placentophagy, especially because this fluid is not sterile, it is rather full of bacteria and contains different compounds that aren’t good for the organism.