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On Tik Tok, you can find tons of new challenges and prank videos that go viral instantly. But what this girl did is not only incredibly cool, but she also takes home the prize for one of the best couple pranks we’ve ever seen. It all started when she told her boyfriend that she had taken the car to the mechanic to fill the windshield water tank. The answer already gave rise to the fact that the mockery would be epic. He replied that it was not necessary to take the car to the mechanic to do that.

From now on it gets funnier, she told him not only that she had booked but also that she had paid almost 500 dollars for it.

“Oh god tell me you didn’t” replied the surprised boyfriend who already anticipated how they had cheated his naive girlfriend.

He told her to ask for a refund from the mechanic and that he would fill the tank himself.

“They don’t make refunds, that’s what the mechanic told me once I paid him, I already made the money transfer to him,” she told him.

By editing the video you can see that it took approximately 15 minutes for his new answer. The boyfriend answered and that’s where he began to dismantle the joke.

“Give me the phone number of the place, I am going to go with my brother and we are going to ask for the money back, you were scammed,” the angry man shouted.

From this moment on the prank was going to increase in tone, so she confessed that it was all a joke and that she wanted to see his response.

Did you really think I’m that dumb?” the girlfriend asked him, he answered “Yes”.

@shannan.78Glad he thinks I’m so smart ##fyp ##JamieMovie ##foryoupage ##foryou ##prank ##boyfriend @iamstewartsmith♬ Thot Shit – Megan Thee Stallion

The video quickly went viral and more than 300 thousand people saw it and some comments in addition to laughter were directed to the girl’s boyfriend.

One of the users commented Oh men if you think your girl is that stupid you shouldn’t be with her”