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Everyone experiences regret at some point in their life, and nothing wakes those feelings up better than a bad tattoo. An estimated 25% of Americans have a tattoo, and up to half of them end up wanting to remove it. But we know that we will never be short of tattoo failures or people wanting to share their shame, An amateur tattooist has gone viral after sharing her first-ever inking – but it didn’t go as planned so people flocked to the video to beg her to not do another one. TikTok star Sam dreams of one day becoming a great tattoo artist, but perhaps her beginnings are not as she would have thought.

A few days ago she shared her first artistic work on a real person on social media, the video that today has more than 5 million views surely does not have the support that she would think.

What some people suggested is that before doing it with a person she should practice a little more, taking into account that this is permanent.

In the video, Sam unveils the tattoo which is a minimalist outline of a woman’s face with a rose over one eye, which was pasted onto a red-haired woman’s back.


Video: Amateur Tattoo Artist Blasted On TikTok

@descendantofsalemwitchesI have to say it’s not bad for my first time tattooing on someone other than myself. I was nervous😩 ##tattok ##tattoo ##rose ##minimalist

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Captioning the video, Sam wrote: I have to say it’s not bad for my first time tattooing on someone other than myself. I was nervous.”

“Why do something so massive for your first time?” one of the users commented and the truth is that we cannot agree more.

The art of tattoos is undoubtedly quite complicated, but if someone is not ready is probably best to keep practicing.

Some users even criticized the safety measures that Sam took – or rather lack of them- as she is seen cleaning the client’s tattoo with paper while not wearing gloves. Many said that the first thing to consider is sanitation.