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Having a bad date has happened to all of us at some point, but this woman’s experience is very different than usual. On her TikTok account, a girl identified as Mason told her followers what happened to her when she went on a first date with a man who stood her up.

So far it sounds regular, but later Mason got a call from the man’s mother asking for another chance for her son. And this is just the height of the strange.

Mason said in one of her videos that she agreed to a first date with a man in a restaurant, but after half an hour waiting for him to appear, she decided to leave.

“I took a nap to be rested and fresh, I took a shower. I combed my hair. I looked good. And then I sat in a restaurant for half an hour waiting for him, and he never showed up”, Mason explained.

The videos quickly went viral on Tik Tok and Mason had to explain the case further.

Two hours later she received a call from her date to apologize and tell her that he had not kept his appointment because his dad was in the hospital. Then she received a second call where his date said that he had lied to her, that his father was really fine.

When the situation was already on the edge of the strange Mason received the third call, but this time from the man’s mother.

“I know I shouldn’t call you right now, that this is none of my business, but sometimes I have a habit of trying to do things right,” the mom said.

“He is a good and kind boy who deserves another chance,” added the mother.

Mason assures in his videos that the man continued to send her messages, to the point that she began to worry about his safety: “It is a level of insanity that I no longer like.”

She stated in one of her videos that even though she is somewhat concerned about her safety, she is also having a lot of fun.

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