via The Guardian

Getting phone calls to get an offer about some supposed great easy deal that would make you a millionaire, ergo, a phone scam is not that weird. Everyone has gotten one of these phone calls, but usually, people ignore it. Still, there was a time when people did fall into these traps.

As of today, elder people are the main target of phone scammers. Old people are more innocent when it comes to these things, they are prone to believe in their promises because they hear about an awesome business and they think it is a good opportunity or they get threatened by some strange situation that scares them, either way, they end up losing a big part of their savings instead.

A 90-year-old woman recently became the person who fell into the largest phone scam ever. It all started back in August of 2020 when this woman in Hong Kong received an odd phone call that frightened her a lot.

Some scammers targeted her and acted as they worked for mainland Chinese security. The people on the phone told her that her identity was allegedly being used in a money-laundering scheme that was taking place all over China, but that everything was going to be okay because the authorities were already looking into it.

The woman lived in a wealthy part of the city, and a few days later a mysterious man visited her home and told her that in order to catch the criminals and keep her money safe, she had to send all of her savings into separate bank accounts that she didn’t have access to. He then gave her a cellphone to keep in contact.

All of this fraud ended thanks to a member of the woman’s domestic staff after they contacted her daughter and explained her mother’s suspicious behavior. However, she managed to make 11 bank transfers in the course of the next months until March of 2021 when the account had a total of almost $33 million.

The daughter decided to call the authorities, who thought had a lead with a 19-year-old university student that was supposedly involved in the crime. Nevertheless, they were released on bail, and they still have no other blameworthy subjects.

There is no certainty about if the woman is going to recover her money. It seems like this is the biggest case of a phone scam in the world, still, this type of crime has been increasing all through China over the last year in the affluent areas of the country.