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Many things can go wrong on a date. There may be no chemistry, perhaps someone says something inappropriate that offends the other person, maybe someone tries to carry things faster than they should, or slower, in short, hundreds of possible scenarios that can make a romantic encounter go downhill, however, we are sure that one of the worst possible things is seeing a floating head.

A video recently went viral where it can be seen that the dynamic of two roommates and friends was taken to the extreme.

One of them was on a date with a woman, from the backyard of the house their friends awaited their chance to ruin it. The two of them are in a room on the second-floor dancing and hanging out, having fun, when his roommate decides to play a prank on them.

TikTok influencer, Jojo Sim is the author of this chilling prank.


Video: TikToker Pranks Couple With Fake Decapitated Head

@jojothejetplaneAm I the worst roommate ever?

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While his roommate danced with his date, Jojo Sim lifted with a stick a model of a decapitated human head from the first floor, poking it out of the second floor’s balcony, making it visible to the couple who for a few seconds did not even notice it but then when they realized it that there is a human head floating on the balcony “looking at them”, they were understandably scared.

No doubt this killed the mood for anything else that night. As expected, the two lovers reacted with terror to Jojo Sim’s prank.

Jojo Sim posted “Am I the worst roommate ever?” as the title of the clip that has already reached almost 50 million views on social media.

Jojo Sim is world-famous precisely for making such practical jokes together with his friends and this has earned him an incredible amount of almost 5 million followers on TikTok.