via El Confidencial

Crime doesn’t pay, is a common saying that expresses the simple idea that even if a person may commit an illegal action that harms others in the long run, justice will reach them and their bad actions will have no value. That phrase has never been so real as now.

A thief went out to the street to look for easy money, so he started mugging people and he did it with a pistol that costs more than $20,000, but he did not find out about that until he was arrested and his weapon was taken from him.

The story that happened in Colombia has now gone viral on social media.

The gun he used to take people’s wallets and phones, is valued at at least 100 million Colombian pesos or $26000, sadly for him, he has now missed the opportunity to cash in that money along with his own freedom.

The man was arrested by the Police when he assaulted a person with this rare and expensive pistol. The now detained is 21 years old and used a pistol from the German Army from World War I. It is presumed that the weapon was also used during World War II by Hitler’s troops.

The complete story of how this historical relic ended up in the hands of a common criminal in the Colombian streets is unknown but it has undoubtedly caused a lot of laughter on social media that have not stopped commenting on the irony of the situation.

If perhaps this thief had known what was in his hands, he probably would not have gone out to steal and much less risk his most valuable object in that process.

Now the weapon has been seized as evidence in the criminal investigation against him and after that is done it will probably be put up for sale to collectors of this type of artifact. The thief will not receive a penny of the small fortune with which he unknowingly aimed at his victims.