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Celebrities know how valuable their privacy is… So they’ll make anything to make it happen. Especially when it comes to the Kardashians…

Recently the MET Gala 2021 took place and as usual, the Kardashians made their appearance. Kim Kardashian appeared at the event with an impressive Balenciaga “look”, but she was not alone.

And everybody is talking about this mysterious guy… Was it Kanye West standing next to Kim Kardashian as her masked date at the Met Gala?

The MET Gala of 2021 has been taken with great enthusiasm since the 2020 event was canceled due to the pandemic. And not only for us, the spectators, but the guests also have given absolutely everything on the red carpet this year.

We can’t deny we have witnessed one of the most extravagant celebrity shows in history. We can’t also deny it had Kim Kardashian’s name all over it.

The businesswoman opted this year for a very different and unique cut: go all covered in black and without leaving anything in the air, not even the face. Of course, her iconic ponytail was visible, although this time it was lengthened until it almost touched the ground.

Dressed in a kind of bondage-style, the dress was signed by Demna Gvasalia for Balenciaga. Kim Kardashian left everyone speechless with an outfit of batwing sleeves, pointed boots, and an impenetrable mask with which she had to be guided so as not to fall down the stairs.

However, she wasn’t alone. Next to her, there was a companion who also went incognito. And s it was to imagine, the internet went crazy… Quickly made its classic theories about this man’s identity.


Was Kanye West Her Masked Man?

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The first thing said about the mysterious man was that both the look as the gestures were quite similar to those belonging to recently championed Kanye West with his new album Donda.

Was it possible that the couple which divorced at the beginning of the year, was going to a red carpet incognito?

However, according to E! News, Kanye did not attend the event and the person who poses next to Kim is none other than Gvasalia himself, in charge of the design of the suit.