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As if it were a scene from a soap opera, an unexpected and dramatic encounter between a cheating girlfriend and her boyfriend recently went viral.

In the video in a taxi of a girl who had gone out on a date with a man. At first, everything seems to be normal, except that this man was her lover and the taxi they get into is driven by her boyfriend.

Apparently, the taxi driver had received a call from a young man requesting the service without knowing what he would find upon arrival and that the service had been requested by the lover of his girlfriend.

In the video, the taxi driver stops for the passenger to wait for his girlfriend. Before she arrives, the taxi driver makes a call to her fiancée to greet her and see how her day is going. The call goes normally and even with displays of affection until finally, the couple says goodbye with no problem whatsoever.


Video: Taxi Driver Catches Cheating Fianceé On A Date

After a few minutes, the young man who took the service returns to the car this time accompanied by the girlfriend of the taxi driver, the same one who until a few moments ago had been talking on the phone with him.

The taxi driver asks the passenger for a few minutes to speak with the young woman who accompanies him and clarifies that she is his fiancée.

The woman’s surprised look is inevitable, and the very hurt taxi driver asks her to return her engagement ring without speaking to her further.

The young woman wanted to explain but to no avail. Finally, she gets out of the taxi very embarrassed, and goes on with her lover.

The video has gone viral on social media and thousands of people have been able to see the moment when the taxi driver’s heart breaks, others doubt the veracity of the video.