via Sky News

“Trying to rescue a boy who was buried in the sand, said the person who encountered the terrible situation of a young man who was trapped by the sand in Cornwell.

Near the hole, about six feet deep, were several people also trying to rescue him, who, equipped with shovels and buckets, tried to remove the sand that covered him.

The 18-year-old man was saved from suffocation and leg injuries thanks to the swift action of bathers at the scene and emergency services.

“He was buried in a very deep hole, almost 7 feet deep, where the walls were giving way,” said Sam Stevens, one of the lifeguards who came to the rescue.

After doctors assessed his health, the authorities allowed him to return home.

“As one team, using our sand lance, breathing equipment, paddles, and surfboards, we were able to make sure this was a happy ending.”

The boy’s family thanked the people who supported the operation.

For its part, the Newquay Fire Department noted that this could easily have resulted in crushing or suffocation.

One of the firefighters explained to the media that the recommendation in these places is never to make such large holes, the sand gives way and the dry weight is around one ton per gallon.

In 2019, a 25-year-old man who was buried more than 7 feet deep on San Carlos de El Tabo beach died after failing to resist cardiorespiratory arrest.

The man was rescued by emergency units and had to be transferred to the Claudio Vicuña Hospital in San Antonio, where he finally died.

At that time he was accompanied by his eight-year-old brother, and they were trying to dig a tunnel, which gave way and the minor was able to escape unscathed.

The young man spent about 20 minutes under the sand before he could be rescued since the weight and the instability of the ground made the rescue difficult.