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During the last few years, many in Hollywood have denounced instances in which they have been harassed or abused during their lives.

The MeToo movement has become one of the most influential in recent times as it has achieved to empower women to have the courage to make their experiences public. Demi Moore, the star of the iconic 90s movie Ghost, is the new face of a sexual abuse claim.

In her memoir book, she decided to express her experience to the world.

“For many years I didn’t even consider it rape. I convinced myself that I had caused the situation. In my 15-year-old mind, I deserved what had happened,” said Moore.

In the book, Moore expresses the difficulties that exist to report cases like these and achieve true justice. She mentions everything from legal obstacles to public derision of a culture that seems to protect the abuser over the victim.

A neglected and dysfunctional childhood and adolescence did not provide Moore with the foundations and stability that any young person requires.


Demi Moore Speaks On Being Raped As A Teenager

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At the age of 15, Moore’s mother became friends with Val Dumas, a man whom Moore described as “tall and elegant, with a certain air of superiority or wealth, he always wore a shirt and dress pants that were spotless and without any wrinkles, and with loafers. Italians”

He soon took a particular interest in Moore and she being just a 15-year-old girl did occur to wonder why a middle-aged man would want to hang out with a 15-year-old teenager.

As she continues her story, Moore declares that this man raped her and that he even accused her mother of having received $500 for allowing him to do so. Moore says that she never knew if that was true.

Moore’s story has inspired thousands of women to report similar circumstances in an attempt to obtain justice.