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A bodybuilder who went viral for marrying his sex doll revealed that they broke up and he moved on.

The “newlyweds” when through a rough patch early in their marriage after his wife Margo the doll suffered a breakdown and had to be repaired.

Now Margo has been replaced by Lola and Luna, two dolls that he also featured on social media.

In November 2020, Tolochko married his ex-wife Margo in a lavish ceremony with a large audience, the Daily Star reported.

The bodybuilder previously acknowledged that lately, he had suffered prejudices that had taken him away from sports and that it began to cause him discomfort, that is why he started in the world of social media.


Bodybuilder Divorces A Sex Doll To Marry Another

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Following his participation in strength sports competitions, where he was named a two-time champion, he set records and met two World-Class Master of Sports standards.

Tolochko said athletes began to pressure the federation to exclude him from the federation and restrict LGBT supporters from competitions.

In addition to having a keen interest in some sexual fetishes, Yuri is also an LGBTQ + activist, and in October he was attacked after attending a transsexual rally in a skirt and left with a concussion, a broken nose, and a chipped tooth.

The Russian previously commented that his taste for sex dolls was reinforced with the arrival of the pandemic, at which point he was forced to remain in isolation.

The bodybuilder revealed that his dolls, Luna and Lola, got along well with each other and that he spends time with them both together and individually.

According to local media reports, his union with Margo is no longer in force, they even had to have legal advice to make the separation.

In Kazakhstan, the only requirements for a wedding to take place are that both consenting parties must be male and female and over 18 years of age.