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Live TV is a tricky business. It must not be easy at all to be in front of a camera transmitting information with no possibility of amending any error, and in the digital age, the danger of some slippage implies the risk of being virtualized on the internet.

Recently, a new live TV blooper has gone viral on social media.

The evening news broadcast on Mongolian state television was proceeding as usual. The anchor looked in front of the camera while she narrated the most important events without knowing that right behind her a strange situation was developing.

Two newsroom employees had started an argument that apparently got out of hand and quickly escalated into a physical altercation. Probably in the heat of the moment these two men did not remember that the cameras were on.


Newcast Workers Get Into Fight During Live Broadcast


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In the video that went viral on social media, two workers from the Mongolian television channel C1 can be seen fighting with shoves and blows while a third person is trying unsuccessfully to separate them. All this has happened during the broadcast of the channel’s newscast and without the anchor realizing the mess that was taking place right behind.

During the clip, the three people involved in the fight leave and enter the scope of the camera several times. Two other station workers gaze surprised at the fight but did not intervene. Users of social media also noticed that this two did not do anything to stop the fight, they just stared.

The video extends only for a few seconds so it does not teach what happens with the fight, however, this did not prevent the video from being immortalized and becoming an internet sensation.

Although we do not know the end of this story, we can be sure of something, the work environment in that television channel is probably not very pleasant.