Tattoos, piercings, plastic surgery. There all are common body transformations in the world, but, like most things, some people are experts in the matter and are internationally known for their strange looks, here are 10 people who made extreme body transformations.


10. Eric Yeiner Hincapié Ramírez

via Opinion Libre Barahona

Eric Yeiner Hincapié Ramírez, who also goes by Kalaca Skull, is a Colombian 25-year-old man who did his best to look exactly like a skull. It all started when he split his tongue and tattooed it and from then he started to put tattoos all over his body, removing his nose and ears, pigmentation on his eyes, and implants on his cheeks. He says that he has a special relationship with death and every transformation brings him closer to it.


9. Kala Kaiwi

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Kala Kaiwi is the man with the biggest ears in the world, because of his huge lobe plugs that are about 4 inches big. Along with that, he has several silicone implants and metal spikes on his head, a split tongue, and most of his body covered in tattoos. All of his piercings had been done by himself and has his own tattoo shop in Hawaii.


8. Julia Gnuse

via Tattoo

Julia Gnuse’s journey to becoming The Illustrated Lady started as a way to cover the scars of a rare skin condition called porphyria that caused blisters whenever she was under the sun. She ended up having 95% of her body covered in ink, from head to toe, until she started to remove them a year before she died in 2016.


7. Lucky Diamond Rich

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As of today, Lucky Diamond Rich is the most tattooed person in the world. He has covered every part of his body, including his eyelids, the inside of his ears, and even his gums. He has stated that he has gone through more than a thousand hours of pain. But he is also talented since he is often invited to conventions to perform as an acrobat, juggler, and sword swallower.


6. Etienne Dumont

via Tatuaje Urbano

Switzerland’s most acclaimed art critic and collector, Etienne Dumont is very artsy himself. His extravagant life began in 1974 when he got his first tattoo, and from that moment he has used his body as a canvas, filling it with colorful ink, a few silicone implants, and enormous plugs on the ears and the chin. He is also known for using bright and big round glasses.


5. María José Cristerna

via Wikipedia

Mexican María José Cristerna or The Vampire Woman is a body transformation celebrity, but she is also a lawyer, activist, businesswoman, and artist. She is often seen at international conventions where she talks about her domestic violence past that inspired her to modify her body. She has countless tattoos, including in her eyes, several implants, a split tongue, ear expansions, and anything you can think of.


4. Tom Leppard

via BBC

Tom Leppard, a senior man, had a big love for leopards, so much that he tattooed all of his body with leopard print. He used to work for the British special forces but after his retirement, he exiled himself to an island where he would live without electricity or furniture. He spent more than 5 thousand euros on all of his artwork and he was once the most tattooed man in the world. Leppard died in 2016 at 80 years old.


3. Erik Sprague

via Irish Examiner

Erik ‘The Lizard Man’ Sprague works in eccentric festivals and ‘freak shows’, where he shows his green tattooed body. His mission has been to become a reptile-look human, which he accomplished thanks to his split tongue, his tattooed scales, his sharp teeth, and silicone subdermal implants. He is also known for grabbing heavy stuff with the plugs on his ears, it seems like he doesn’t suffer any pain.


2. Dennis Avner

via The Independent

Dennis Avner, also known as Stalking Cat, was a sensation on the Internet. He used to be in the army before he began his transformation to become a human feline. His resemblance with a tiger was achieved with his many surgeries to change his face, his sharp nails, and teeth, especially his modified long fangs, his hairline, and the many tattoos on his face. He also used a robotic tail and had growing whiskers. He committed suicide in 2012 and according to some experts, Avner could have suffered from body dysmorphia.


1. Rolf Buccholz

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Also known as the German devil, 61-year-old Rolf Buchholz caught some popularity in 2010 after he was named the man with the most piercings in the world, along with his characteristic subdermal implants on his forehead that resemble horns and tattooed eyes. His scary look wasn’t embraced in Dubai where he resided for some time, so he had to go back to Germany, where he still has some occasional looks. He started his transformations when he was 40, and today has over 450 piercings, which he couldn’t imagine living without.

If you are thinking of having a crazy body transformation maybe this is your sign to finally do it. Or perhaps you realized it maybe isn’t your cup of tea and settled with a simple nose piercing.