via Sports Illustrated

Every summer the soccer transfer market comes with surprises, unexpected transfers, rising stars, and gigantic amounts of money, but this summer has been quite special.

Over the past few weeks, we have seen world-class stars of the world’s most popular sport have caused a massive uproar in the transfer market with never-before-imagined team transfers.

Lionel Messi left Barcelona after 20 years, in a dramatic and impressive transfer to join the ranks of Paris St. Germain we would think that would be the peak of the summer, but we were wrong.

For a few weeks the possible departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus, an Italian team where he has played since 2018, had been rumored.

As that information began to roll, speculation about his possible fate was immediate and all the sports media in Europe linked him with a different team.

In Spain, it was even said that the Portuguese player would return to Real Madrid. CR7 himself had to intervene at one point with a post on his Instagram to try to quell the rumors.

But a few days later it was reported that the surroundings of the soccer star had started conversations with Manchester City, led today by Pep Guardiola. The historic rival of Manchester United, a club where Cristiano exploited his talent, rose to fame and the sporting elite and where he became an absolute idol for his fans among whom this possibility did not sit well.

The news generated much expectation for a new bombing signing in the same summer and the negotiation was about to close, however, at the last minute and without anyone waiting for it, Manchester United made an offer to Juventus to release the player and assure with his services for the next two years.

So after many weeks of speculation, the story has a happy ending. Ronaldo returns home.