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In times of job and income shortages, the OnlyFans platform has been an oasis of financial stability for many women and men who have no problem sharing erotic content.

Mia Karina, a Chilean girl based in Malta supported by her boyfriend, has earned more than 2.5 million dollars in OnlyFans. It barely took 2 years.

Mia worked as a hotel clerk in Malta, earning about $1,800 a month. There she met Marc Howard, who became her partner and who led her to consider OnlyFans as an alternative to earning more money in a country where the cost of living is quite high.

During a vacation, Marc visited the United Kingdom and a relative told him what they were doing on that social network, he took that idea with him and told his girlfriend about it.

“At first I was curious when Marc mentioned it to me, but I’m very shy about doing it. The weeks passed and the idea began to give me more and more turns. Life is not cheap in Malta and we needed the money” Mia commented to Lad Bible.


Woman Makes A Fortune On OnlyFans

via Lad Bible

At first, she started with content without showing her face because she was very ashamed, but once time passed, she realized that she was also doing something that she liked.

Mia comments that the best thing about working at OF is the independence it gives her and having the freedom to carry out her work anywhere in the world choosing her schedule.

Her family and friends all know and they are respectful of it. A few of her friends expressed concerns at first but this is only natural to do so.

In addition to sharing content, she has invested in a financial advisor who is helping her to put the money into certain things. She currently owns two HMO properties and has set up two UK limited companies. Mia has also invested in Bitcoin and also in the stock market, with help.