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Sports organizations across the UK have been urged to beef up their cybersecurity after a report revealed a series of attacks on various sports clubs, including an attempt to interfere with a Premier League transfer process.

In its first report called Cyber ​​Threat to Sports Organizations, the UK’s National Cybersecurity Center highlighted the type of fraud known as Business Email Compromise as the biggest threat to sports organizations.

Financial gains are the main motivation for attackers behind this type of fraud called BEC.


Influencer Tries To Scam Premier League Club

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In the latest known case, an alleged influencer dubbed ‘Gucci Billionaire‘ faces up to 20 years in prison after he tried to scam a Premier League club out of £100 million.

Ramon Abbas, who goes by the name Ray Hushpuppi online, pleaded guilty to belonging to a gang that was trying to fool the anonymous soccer club with a large amount of cash. The US Justice defined him as one of the “highest-profile scammers in the world”.

“Celebrity status and his ability to make connections made it possible for him to leak into legitimate organizations and run various spin-off schemes in the US and abroad,” an FBI worker Kristi K. Johnson told the BBC.

“Today’s announcement represents a crucial blow to this international network and, hopefully, will serve as a warning to potential victims of this type of theft,” the US official said.

In addition to money laundering using several bank accounts around the world, the influencer is accused of stealing $1.1 million from a businessman who had promised to build a school in Qatar.

In his statement to justice, Abbas was found guilty of making financial maneuvers that resulted in a loss of some 14.7 million dollars to a bank in Malta. In addition, Hushpuppi allegedly scammed several companies out of the equivalent of $7.7 million.