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During the last few years, it seems that outbursts of anger and violence have become more common on airplanes by passengers who do not want to abide by the rules or who for different reasons cannot manage their emotions to dialogue correctly with the crew members.

These episodes obviously endanger the safety of the rest of the passengers in addition to the bad time that creates. It also unnecessarily burdens the airline personnel with additional responsibility.

Perhaps this type of situation used to also happened in the past, but the difference is that in the digital age everything is a few seconds and clicks away from being shared around the world.

Recently an American Airlines flight from Maui to Los Angeles had to be diverted and land in the Hawaiian capital of Honolulu because a 13-year-old teenager could not control his anger.

Apparently, the boy had gotten into a verbal and then physical altercation with his mother and the situation became so aggressive that he even kicked a plane window in an attempt to break it.

The crew of the plane, his mother, and other passengers tried to talk to him, make him come to reason, and calm him but it was not possible, the boy continued in a state of total hysteria.


Video: Airline Staff Duct-Tape A Teen Boy To His Seat

It was there that the crew and the captain of the plane made the decision to hand over the boy to the authorities. They diverted the course of the plane to land in Honolulu and meanwhile took desperate measures to control the violent boy.

In the posted video and which has now gone viral on social media, passengers can be seen helping to immobilize the child while airline staff ties him to his chair with duct tape. The airline states that they had no other way to control the situation and apologized to the other passengers for the inconvenience.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident and the plane was able to resume its course bound for Los Angeles.