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All newborn babies are cute although we have to admit that most, if not all, have a funny look at first. Most are totally or partially bald, with strange-colored half-closed eyes, wrinkled and odd-colored skin.

With the pass of the days, they obviously take on a more “normal” appearance.


Ugly Baby Challenge Goes Viral

Lucy Baehr, a woman from Arkansas, had been trying with her husband to get pregnant for quite some time. By that time the woman was already the mother of two children but wanted a third and for several years she had to struggle with several miscarriages until she finally gave up in September 2019 when she decided to include a third dog in the family since she was certain that she would have no more children.

But in February 2020 news changed everything. She found out that she was pregnant and unlike the previous ones this pregnancy seemed to have no complications. Luckily it was. After 9 months of waiting and a lot of care, Reese was born.

After the routine medical check-up, the doctors gave Lucy her newborn and, amidst her happiness, something looked a little strange.

“I’m pretty sure I looked at my husband and was like,‘ she’s healthy? ’. She just had a really big nose. Even Harper, when she held her for the first time, she looked up at me and said, ‘she kind of looks weird, doesn’t she?’ And I was like ‘um, you’re not wrong?’ Baehr said.

Lucy shared some photos of her baby on social media admitting that she was a bit “ugly” and has since gone viral and even “The Ugly Baby Challenge” became a sensation on TikTok.

After a few weeks, Reese’s appearance was naturally fixed and now she is a beautiful baby very similar to her parents but this funny trend created by Lucy Baehr tries to normalize the real appearance of newborn babies.