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The world would probably be a better place if dogs could talk.

If our dogs could talk they would not stop telling us about how their day was, or letting us know that they are hungry maybe fifty times a day. They would beg us with words and not just howls that we stay home and not go to work, and they also would give the best life advice. Surely one of the things they would do is to choose their own names.

But what if there was a way to make it happen?

A video on TikTok recently went viral where you can see a peculiar and very funny way to make dogs choose their own names. And it’s one of the most adorable things on the internet.


Video: Puppies Choose Their Own Name

@shellysykThe cav puppies got to make some big decisions today! 🥺💕 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #ClearGenius #XfinityFanthem #LeadWithLove #cavaliers

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The video posted by Shelly Sykora has reached more than 4 million likes and thousands of comments.

Six tiny Cavalier King Charles spaniels can be seen in a doorway then they are in a large patio in which each one is individually presented with 6 necklaces of different colors. Each collar means a different name and the choice of each puppy will determine its name.

Sykora -whose TikTok bio states that she is “All about the k9s” – has gifted the world a heart-melting moment.

One by one the puppies approach the collars, look at them intrigued, sniff them, and then the video cuts to a kind of presentation in which Sykora carries the dog with her collar already on and her new name.

The pink was chosen by a puppy that is now known as Flower. Yellow was for Cheese. Black for Ninja. Olive picked the green collar and Melon chose the bright pink. The last puppy didn’t really have a choice and was left with the pale pink so its name is now Piggy and we are sure it fits perfectly.