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In today’s world, influencers are becoming every day a real profitable career for young people. And they are definitely changing how marketing is done. After all, an influencer, as its name states, influences people.

An influencer is a person who has certain credibility on a specific topic, and due to their presence and influence on social networks, they can become an interesting advocate for a brand.

But sometimes things get out of control. And some influencers in order to get more attention or followers might risk their lives. This is what happened to Sofia Cheung, an Instagramer who died falling into a waterfall just to take a selfie.


The Risky Adventurer

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Sofie Cheung was a 32-year-old intrepid woman. She had gained fame on Instagram for her posts of risky photos taken on the edge of large cliffs and mountains. In most of her videos and images, the influencer was climbing mountains or climbing complicated rock faces. Cheung was a lover of adventure.

The young woman from Hong Kong was used to the famous practice of taking selfies in risky places. What she didn’t know is that this dangerous practice would cost her life.

A few weeks ago, when trying to take a selfie at the edge of a waterfall, the young woman slipped and died. Another heartbreaking story that serves as a red flag for all adventurers who like to experience this kind of practice.


Better Days Are Coming

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Sofia Cheung decided to go on an excursion to Ha Pak Lai Park in Hong Kong with three other friends. On Saturday morning, they decided to go visit one of the waterfalls of the park. One of the most spectacular scenery in the place at sunset indeed.

So, Sofia decided it was the perfect place to take several selfies. She reached the edge of the waterfall, but she didn’t plan what would happen next. In the Pineapple Mountain area, the young woman slipped and fell into the water.

Upon realizing what happened, the influencer’s friends called the emergency services, but upon reaching the hospital, the young woman was pronounced dead.

Sofia Cheung’s last post on Instagram was on July 9. The image shows the influencer on her knees on a beautiful beach with the reflection: “Better days are coming. They are called Saturday and Sunday!”