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A British Camp Roberts soldier fell through the roof of a California home and went straight to the kitchen after his parachute failed to fully deploy during an exercise. The man plunged through the roof of the house in Atascadero, Southern California, on July 6, just before 5 pm. Luckily, no one was home at the time.

“The parachutist was conscious but stunned with complaints of pain but no visible serious injuries,” the Atascadero Police Department said in a news release.

The incident occurred at around 5:00 p.m. on July 6, as most Americans were winding down and returning to work after a long holiday weekend. According to The Guardian, he survived the free fall after he managed to pull his reserve chute in time to dampen some of the impacts. Several neighbors had spotted the flailing figure in the sky before he tore through the roof.

A neighbor was the first to arrive at the place after hearing the great noise and seeing the hole in the ceiling of the kitchen of the house next door.

“The image was incredible, seeing him fall that way and at the same time seeing him move is something I never saw before, who falls like that and survives, it’s a miracle,” said Martin the neighbor who came to check on the soldier.

The crash happened on the 9600 blocks of Via Cielo in San Luis Obispo County, about 30 miles south of Camp Roberts, where the Army was conducting High Altitude Low Opening training exercises.

The little time of maneuvering and the calculation of the man was what ultimately saved his life. Opening the parachute in time could counteract the blow of the wind and the fall, although there have been falling from greater heights, the little space for a drop zone did much more complicated this maneuver.