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Conversations about consensus and the ability of a person to decide about their own body have sparked great debates in recent years on social media. Perhaps it was about time that as a society we could put certain behaviors under the microscope and discuss matters that were simply ignored in the past. Undoubtedly, these conversations are plagued with controversy and cross opinions.

Brittany Baxter is an Australian mother who recently posted a video on TikTok that caused great controversy on social media because in it she explained that after much reflection she came to the conclusion that children should not receive kisses or hugs from adults without consent.


Woman Doesn’t Want Anyone Kissing Her Daughter Without Consent, Sparks Controversy On Social Media

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“As a mother, I practice consent with my daughter and something has really been bothering me,” she began Brittany in her video.

This is how she explains why she believes that no one has the right to hug and kiss her daughter because before doing so they would have to ask her permission. That includes other family members, like her grandparents.

The woman also indicated that the surprise and even indignation that this permission requirement can produce in some adults do not help at all to normalize the concept of consensus and decision about her own body and the girl’s own personal space.

She even spoke about the induced guilt that an adult who has just been refused a kiss or hug can generate when he or she states that this rejection implies a lack of affection or empathy with the adult’s feelings. This usually results in that the limits imposed are crossed anyway and they end up kissing and hugging the child forcefully.

The woman indicated that no one’s feelings could trump her daughter’s wishes to control her own body.

The video quickly went viral and thousands of people have been able to enter the debate with comments expressing their agreement or disagreement with this woman.