Sometimes we just find people annoying, though we don’t personally know celebrities, it is common to not like their personalities because of the things they had done in the past. The fact that someone is famous doesn’t mean is a good person so we shouldn’t relate those concepts together.

Fame isn’t always related to good things. Even bad things can make a person famous, it could be something they did or they said, but once they are known by the world, it is difficult to be forgotten, especially if people don’t like you. Today we are going to show you 10 of the most hated celebrities that probably will never be forgiven by the media.


10. Roseanne Barr

via The New York Times

You may remember this name from 2018 because of her comments regarding former President Barack Obama’s advisor, Valerie Jarrett. Roseanne Barr is a conservative comedian and actress that was known for her famous show ‘Roseanne’ before it got canceled because she tweeted about how Jarrett looked like an ape to her. She then apologized for the racist comment and stated it was a ‘bad joke’ but that didn’t make ABC give her the show back.


9. Charlie Sheen

via USA Today

Charlie Sheen is known as Charlie Harper for his main role on the show Two and a Half Men, but he is also known for being a conflicting actor who even his co-stars don’t enjoy working with. The millionaire actor is blacklisted in many places in Hollywood for being a troublemaker and a womanizer, as well as for his substance abuse. He has been arrested many times in the past for drug possession and assault. Also, the people who had been on the same set as him have stated that he is hard to work with because of his attitude.


8. Gwyneth Paltrow

via El Pais

Although Gwyneth Paltrow tries to stay out of any kind of scandal and has an amazing active acting career, many people don’t seem to like her at all. She has a big group of haters because a lot of people find her flaunt. She has been a star for so many years and has lived an extravagant and fancy life that she loves to show on social media along with her vegan lifestyle and her luxurious outfits. Also, they can’t stand her ‘life guru’ performance in the media, since she likes to act like an inspiring figure which some people find annoying.


7. Lindsay Lohan

via Marca

Lindsay Lohan was a lovely girl that every Hollywood teenage movie director of the 2000s wanted her as the protagonist, but today she isn’t as cute as she was before. Even though she tried to stay out of the spotlight a couple of years ago, she has got herself into many controversies all over the decades. Her many drug and alcohol problems made her a scandalous woman who a lot of celebrities can’t stand. No matter how many therapies and rehabilitation she has attended, her party-girl personality won’t be forgiven by anyone.


6. Kristen Stewart

via Cinefilos

When the Twilight saga was a world phenomenon, Kristen Stewart was half of one of the most beloved couples at the time. She and Robert Pattinson were the perfect couple until everyone knew that she cheated on her perfect man with no other than the director of the movies, Rupert Sanders. Though many years had passed since this affair, people haven’t forgiven her for this yet. Also, it has something to do with her looks, while some people think that she is very attractive, others think that she is kind of difficult to deal with.


5. Justin Bieber

via Billboard

Justin Bieber has built a big fandom since he started his career in 2009, but along with the fans, the haters came too. This hate-based group grew when he started to be a problematic celebrity. He has been caught by the media being abusive and insulting his fans and has been involved in drug scandals. The many controversies are mainly offensive actions such as drag racing under the influence, abandoning his pet monkey in Germany, saying that Anne Frank would be a Belieber, and everything regarding his attitude.


4. John Mayer

via Billboard

You may love his romantic guitar ballads but John Mayer is known in Hollywood for being a cold heartbreaker. His long list of victims includes Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, and goes on. Most of the relationships ended up bad and that got him a bad reputation. But that isn’t the only reason why people don’t like him, his handsome face loved by millions of people hasn’t saved him to get away after his many racists, sexists, and vain comments in the past.


3. Kim Kardashian

via AS

Being a TV reality show star has gained a lot of hate for Kim Kardashian. Her lifestyle has been questioned many times before and she has made some dubious comments that weren’t embraced by the public. She is often seen as frivolous, vain, and willing to do anything for fame. Because of her several controversies regarding cultural appropriation and offensive behavior, Kim has lost a lot of respect from the public. Even though she has tried to prove her haters wrong, they still can’t stand her no matter what she does.


2. Kanye West

via El Pais

Just like her soon-to-be ex-wife, Kanye West’s life is full of controversy. West has a long rapping career that is followed by millions, however, his actions and attitude led him to be one of the most hated celebrities. The whole Taylor Swift situation, his presidential campaign, the entirety of his album ‘I Am God’ are only examples of why this man is so disliked. He has a reputation for having an ego bigger than his hits and being a narcissistic type of guy that a lot of people don’t find amusable.


1. Bill Cosby

via The New York Times

Bill Cosby doesn’t need an explanation for why he is the most hated celebrity but in case you don’t know he has been accused several times of sexual assault. He was once a comedic guy that everybody loved but his career was over when the allegations started and the proofs against him proved him guilty. This is just one of the many celebrities whose careers ended for similar reasons, but Cosby is known for being a hypocrite man with a long list of felonies and victims.