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Superheroes can have accidents just like anyone else would. Obviously, this would not be very interesting for a fiction film but in real life, they face the same things every day just like everyone else.

In the city of Cordoba, Argentina, there is a 52-year-old man, a single father of 3 children, who is very well known and much loved within his community for his solidarity activity.

He is a bricklayer and gas worker that in his spare time becomes Batman to collaborate with the Children’s Hospital of the city of Córdoba. There, he brings donations and supplies that he manages to collect with a lot of effort and spends some time with the children who are hospitalized while they fight against the diseases that keep them in that medical center.

This incredible man not only dresses as Batman but he also modified his car to turn it into a literal Batmobile and thus move around the city with all the style that a true Dark Knight deserves. Recently, this superhero had a traffic accident. He collided with a taxi driver at an intersection in the center of his city.


Video: Batman Crashes Batmobile In Argentina

“It was a lucky crash. Thank God I only had a small bump on the shoulder and luckily the taxi driver had no injuries. Now we are going to continue with the donations and the free meals that we organize Tuesday and Wednesday” said this Argentine Batman.

Luckily no one was seriously injured in the accident. The taxi suffered some damage that is expected to be covered by his own insurance and the Batmobile had the chassis bent a bit and part of the fiberglass on the right side broke.

However, the event went viral and thousands of people have offered to help repair the car and make donations so that this hero can continue helping the neediest children.