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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is probably one of the most recognizable figures in the world. Star of many movies and simply a box office hit, he has fans everywhere, and unsurprisingly he has multiple jobs.

During an interview to promote a movie, the interviewer praises Johnson for his ability to stay active and constantly interact with his fanbase on social media despite having such a tight schedule and carrying so many obligations.

He gets asked how does he achieves it, but before the acclaimed actor can respond, the interviewer surprises him by shouting one of The Rock’s most famous lines during his years as a wrestler “It does not matter!”

Before being one of the most important actors in recent years, Dwayne Johnson was a WWE wrestler where he became one of the favorites of the fans of this show and among the most memorable moments is every time he shouted the catchphrase ‘ It doesn’t matter! ‘ to taunt his opponents.

The fact that the interviewer threw the phrase surprised The Rock that immediately starts laughing probably remembering those glorious moments in WWE and even praising the interviewer saying that he had done it quite well.


Dwyane Johnson Trolls Interviewer

After a few seconds, Dwayne decides to respond quietly and continues the conversation naturally until he asks the interviewer a question that he was unknowingly about to answer when The Rock strikes him back with a big ‘It doesn’t matter!’

The hilarious exchange was captured on film and has gone viral on social media, with thousands of fans of this actor commenting on their best memories of his stage as a wrestler, some even wishing he would return to the ring to see him fight once again.

The Rock will no longer use it as much as before but the phrase has been engraved in everyone’s memory and will always accompany him to bring fun moments like this one.