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Children always tell the truth. Within their beautiful and innocent way of seeing the world, there is no room for lies or deception.

Thomas is a boy of only 7 years old and one day at school he affirmed with absolute certainty that his uncle was Superman. As expected, the other children didn’t believe him and even started making fun of Thomas for saying something so crazy. Even his teacher didn’t believe him and even went as far as to tell him that Superman didn’t exist.

Thomas continued to claim that his uncle was Superman and this even got him in some trouble. He got into a fight with some kids and ended up in the Principal’s office where he received a warning for his behavior.

The school principal called Thomas’s mother to inform her of the situation and to ask that someone would come to pick him up at the institution to take him home and cool him down a bit so that he would forget the matter and return the next day with a better attitude.

But the mother had a better idea. She called her brother-in-law and asked him to pick up little Thomas from school. She knew that was going to be enough to get the boy out of trouble.


Henry Cavill Attends School To Help Bullied Nephew

A while later Thomas’s uncle arrived at school and everyone’s jaws dropped as they realized that the boy was not lying, his uncle is really Superman. Henry Cavill, the actor who plays the superhero, was right there in their school.

The classmates and even the teacher had to apologize to Thomas because he was right and he was telling the truth all along.

For adults, it is sometimes difficult to understand them but maybe if we saw things a little more from the perspective of children the world might be a better place.