There are movies that we love for different reasons, such as an original script, special effects, good sets, different camera shots, and above all… good performances. To achieve a good performance in the scenes, several fundamental aspects are required: a good director, a good script, and, obviously; a good actor.

There are actors who have managed to transcend the big screen, it is the case of these protagonists, managing to steal the show and our hearts on 4 legs. Yes, as you may know by now, we’re talking about dogs. And today, we’ll honor them by letting you know 5 dog-starred movies all animal lovers (and film lovers) must watch.


5. Marley & Me 

via Slant Magazine

Marley & Me was released in 2008, with Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, as casts of the real protagonist “Marley”, who was inspired by writer, journalist, and owner John Grogan’s original Labrador in his bestseller. The ‘comedy’ film, based on the unconditional love of the canine’s owners towards their pet, will crack you up with how they always forgive Marley for his hilarious antics. More than 20 labradors were used, the real Marley, however, attended with the writer and owner at the opening gala of the film.


4. Turner & Hooch

via Variety

This comedy released in 1989 tells the story of a detective who tries to decipher a case with the only witness of the facts: “Hooch” a Doge from Bordeaux, whom he has to take care of – with all that involves changing routines – while discovering who the murderer is. It is said that 3 canines were used in the filming, although the protagonist had the original name “Beasley”. Regardless of if you’re a comedy fan or not, Turner & Hooch is a must-watch.


3. Benji 

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Benji was released to the big screen several times. The first was in 1974 and the latest version is 2018. It tells the story of a dog that lives on the streets of Texas. With his cunning and intelligence, he witnesses the abduction of some children and doesn’t hesitate to help them. The film starred Higgins, who was found at a shelter in Los Angeles, California.


2. Beethoven

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Beethoven is one of the most iconic films you’ll remember if you grew up during the 90s. It tells the story of a tender, yet slug canine who manages to escape from its captors. He finds his way to a family home and instantly becomes another member of them.


1. Lassie Come Home

via Toronto Film Society

And, obviously, Lassie Come Home had to top this list. This classic feature film inspired by the novel written by Eric Knight in 1940 is based on a young man’s close relationship with his pet collie, called Lassie, who was sold due to his family’s economic struggles. However, Lassie manages to meet her friend Joe Carraclough again, no matter how dangerous she may face.