History is a cycle, eventually, many aspects like fashion, styles of music, and movies repeat now and then. There are many classic films and tv shows that have become iconic and have inspired ideas that also have been embraced by the public.

They take inspiration in some of the most famous scenes in history so surely you had seen them without knowing where they actually came from. Sometimes the original scene used as a reference isn’t as famous as the recreated one, but they have sure made a statement in the movie and tv business.

Next here are some of the most used references used on movies and tv but continue at your own risk because there can be some spoilers.


10. E.T

Steven Spielberg’s heartwarming movie E.T became a classic quickly after it was released in 1982, that is why some of its scenes have been recreated several times in the past. The most iconic scene consists of Elliot, the protagonist, running away on his bicycle with his alien friend when they suddenly start to fly and cross the sky in front of the moon. This beautiful part was ahead of its time so it was loved by anyone who saw it.


9. Psycho

This suspense movie is one of the favorites of classic movie lovers. The strange and unique concept for the time created a lot of trauma in people with a soft stomach, that is why the scary scene when Norman Bates kills Marion Crane while she is in the shower and the watchers can see the murdering through their shadow shocked everybody and turned it to be an iconic scene developed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1960. If you haven’t watched Pyscho yet, stop whatever you are doing and just tune in.


8. Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan, ‘Luke I am your father’ may be one of your favorite dialogues when you were a child, or perhaps still is. The surprising moment when the villain Darth Vader reveals to the hero Luke Skywalker that he is his father left everybody with their mouths open when it premiered in 1980. This scene is insanely famous, it has appeared on The Simpsons and even Toy Story with a funny parody.


7. Seven

The final of this thriller directed by David Fincher became an ultimate favorite for the disturbing scene. The plot twist of this part of Seven consisted of Brad Pitt opening a mysterious box that the criminal he was chasing gave him, just to find out that his wife’s head was in it. This became a reference fast because of how the movie turned out to end and the particular dialogue on it. Next time you get a package you won’t forget to double-check ‘what’s in the box’.


6. The Shining

The Shining is full of iconic scenes that have been recreated so many times that it would be impossible not to know. Some of them had even become popular memes on the Internet, but the most famous had to be when Shelley Duvall is hiding from Jack Nicholson who portrays her husband Jack Torrance. Jack uses an ax to break the door of the room where she is hiding and screams ‘Here’s Johnny!’ in the most psychotic way possible. This scene had to create a few childhood traumas.


5. The Wizard Of Oz

Dorothy’s musical adventure is also full of iconic scenes like her arrival to see the Wizard of Oz, her journey through the yellow brick road, or the death of the Wicked Witch of the East but one of the most loved is near the finale of the film. Other movies and shows love to recreate when she puts on the magic red slippers and claps her ankles together to go back home. Maybe it is because of the beautiful shoes or the message it left but it sure is a classic.


4. The Godfather

Mafia movies from the 70s were a statement for Hollywood. One of the most important ones is The Godfather trilogy full of recreated parts. Don Corleone is known for making deals to get people out of trouble, that is why him making an offer that can’t be refused has been parodied an infinite number of times since the movie was launched in 1972 making it an all-time favorite.


3. Jurassic Park

The industry of Jurassic Park has a lot of movies, but none of them is as important as the first one. The opening sequence consisting of the welcome to the park along with the speech given by John Hammond was a beautiful and emotive scene that adults and children love to watch. The concept of this movie was enjoyed by everyone. I mean, who wouldn’t like to visit a park full of dinosaurs?


2. The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense has a great plot twist that always shocks people who haven’t watched it but is also known for a particularly disturbing scene. Nobody expects that Cole Sear, the kid main character of the movie, confesses to his therapist that he is able to see dead people that don’t know that they are dead. This changes the whole course of the movie making it an amazing thriller.


1. Titanic

We couldn’t make this list without including Titanic. The romantic film features Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet portraying an ultimate love story that could make anybody tear up, especially when she wants him to paint her as ‘one of his French girls’ or when she left him to freeze to death in the water even though there was plenty of space. But one of the main parts that people love to recreate on a daily basis is when Jack and Rose enjoy the sea wind and he shouts ‘I’m the king of the world!’