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Security in prisons has increased significantly in the last few decades in the whole world. Not only to prevent prisoner escapes but also to prevent the entry of artifacts, weapons, or illegal substances from the exterior.

As a result of these increased safety standards, many drug traffickers have also resorted to ever more ingenious and sometimes unimaginable measures to transport their products.

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Recently in Panama, prison guards discovered an unexpected smuggler trying to enter their jail with prohibited substances attached to him. It was a small white cat with a pouch tied to its body where he was carrying drugs that were trying to enter the prison. Authorities said these substances were cocaine, crack, and marihuana.

The Nueva Esperanza jail located a few miles north of the country’s capital, Panama City, houses about 1,700 inmates and is one of the main prisons in the country so security measures are very strict.

The authorities were surprised by the ingenuity required by an action like this that was about to escape them. And they report that it is not the first time they have come across this situation, since they know that inmates try to attract with food the animals loaded with drugs by other people from outside and attempt to pass them through the prison fences.

Other cases of pigeons or even drones transporting drugs have been reported in the last few months, so an investigation will be initiated to determine which groups are the ones to organize drug smuggling in this way.

We are glad the cat is fine. After having been detached from all his illegal cargo, he was taken to a review by the authorities and then to the veterinarian who after determining that he was not carrying more drugs decided to deliver him to an animal shelter so that he can be given for adoption to a family that takes care of him. as it should be and do not use it for smuggling.