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During the last few years and especially during the pandemic, internet dating sites have seen a huge rise. Millions of people have turned to these websites and apps to meet people, make new friends, and find a partner. Many of these matches end up developing beyond small talk and even become relationships.

Recently a guy from Edinburgh, Scotland, Craig Moffat, set out on a first date after 2 years of being single, but things didn’t go as planned.

Craig decided to document the entire thing and was visibly excited. Dressed in a suit and tie he boarded the train at Edinburgh station bound for Aberdeen, a journey that would take him at least 3 hours. He posted a video on TikTok in which he said “I’m impatient, I’m so excited.”

Upon arriving in Aberdeen, he went to the restaurant where they had scheduled to meet, being very cautious Craig had even left with plenty of time so he arrived almost 20 minutes before the agreed time and decided to wait there for his date to finally arrive.

The 20 minutes passed and the girl was not there but he thought that it was all right, after all, Craig had arrived very early. But time continued to pass and the girl still did not show up on the site. Craig kept documenting all the time and there are videos in which he can be seen ordering food and drinks in the restaurant, without his expected companion.

After a much less romantic dinner than he expected Craig decided to go back home, recognizing he had been stood up and posted “I guess I’ll just head home. I was really looking forward for tonight.”

@craig.moffatMaybe it’s not time to get back out there just yet… ##heartbroken ##allwomenarethesame ##fpy

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His story quickly went viral and his videos were filled with thousands of comments from people praising him for his good attitude towards the situation and sending him messages of much-needed moral support. He even received messages from women asking if they wanted to go out with him.

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Despite this bad time, we are happy that Craig’s rise to fame has brought him so many messages of support.