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The Internet is full of weird stuff. You can find an article or a website about anything and spend hours reading about strange things that don’t affect your life in a little way but they are still fun to read. One of the favorite topics of people online is conspiracy theories.

There are theories about gadgets, animals, countries, but one of the most talked-about is the ones about famous people, that’s why today we are going to show you 10 conspiracy theories about celebrities.


10. The Beatles Were Never Real

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We all know that The Beatles were a British fever all around the world. Their huge success in the 60s and their liberal points of view had made that many people created several theories. Starting with the fact that the band wrote an infinite of satanic subliminal messages in their songs and they used their power to brainwash their fans.

People also believe that they were actors, especially Paul McCartney, who the believers are convinced died in 1966 and has been replaced with an exact double. They have many proofs, including several songs and Abby Rode’s cover album. Paul just finds it really funny.

The Most Popular Conspiracy Theories In Music Industry


9. Nicolas ‘The Vampire’ Cage

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According to this one, Nicolas Cage is not only a vampire but also took part in the Civil War. It all started when a man posted on eBay a photo of a man from 1870 who looked exactly like Cage. People started to freak out and that is when the theories began like that he started a new life every 80 years or so.

The man wanted to sell it for a million dollars. Nicolas thought that the theory was so funny he even had an interview on The Late Show with David Letterman where he obviously denied all the weird rumors.


8. Elvis Presley Is Devoted To God

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Elvis Presley is the King of rock and roll, that is why it is hard for the world to get the fact that he died in his toilet. Since 1977, when he died, millions of people have affirmed that he is still alive and they have seen it in their hometowns.

There is a particular theory that says that he is not only alive but also is a pastor in Arkansas. His name wouldn’t be Elvis anymore, but Bob Joyce who the locals say has a similar voice and even a scar in the face in the exact same spot Presley had. The pastor has denied it many times before but he still thinks it is funny.


7. Avril Lavigne Or An Imitator?

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In the early 2000s, Avril Lavigne’s music was everywhere. After her debut song Complicated blew the world’s mind, she gained a lot of popularity and fame so the theory says that this success caused her a deep depression that ended up with her suicide.

One of the main centers of the conspiracy is her radical change of style when she released her single Girlfriend. People saw some inconsistencies in the look on her face and a slight change in her voice after she took a time off and since that moment the theory never stopped to this date.


6. Beyoncè Runs The World

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The Illuminati theory is the basis of most conspiracies in these modern days. As you may know, they supposedly are everywhere and they have been ‘blessed’ with power such as fame, political authority, and fortunes since they form part of the cult that looks for a New World Order.

This one says that many celebrities are part of the clan, including Beyoncè and her husband Jay Z. This would explain her fame, a lot of her lyrics, and symbols. This had created other derived assumptions like she was never pregnant and that Solange Knowless is not her sister but her daughter.


5. Lorde Isn’t Young

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Lorde is known for her alternative music anthems where she portrays such deep emotions that are hard to believe were written by a young person. Her debut song Royals was all around the world in 2013 when she was only 16 years old. But when people started to look at her it is when the whole thing got weird.

Many groups on the Internet believe she faked her age and that she is actually in her mid-40s. The reason for the whole stunt would be to be known as a young music prodigy, which would catch the eye of the public. Lorde knew about the rumors and even showed her birth certificate to stop them, but some people still believe it.


4. Political Britney

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The psychotic episodes Britney Spears went through in the mid-2000s didn’t happen for anything, in fact, they were organized by the government so the scandals would take all the attention instead of the actions that the Bush parliament could take.

The theory states that Britney was being paid by the White House to be some kind of secret agent where she could get all the attention from the media. One of the main proofs is that she and Kevin Federline announced her break up the day before an important midterm election, which was kinda suspicious for a lot of cybernauts.


3. Tupac In Cuba

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As the murder of Tupac Shakur is still a mystery, many conspiracies affirm that he actually faked his death and move to Cuba where he could live a normal life. The fact that the murders were never caught, he always used a bulletproof vest, and other things led to creating this elaborated theory.

It all would happen because of his dangerous status as a celebrity and even other artists like the rapper Suge Knight thinks this could be true, he also says that he knows who killed him.


2. Katy Perry: The Pageant Queen

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This particular conspiracy is related to an awful case of the murder of a girl called JonBenét Ramsey. JonBenét used to participate in children pageants whose murder in 1996 was never solved.

Some people believe that she and Katy Perry have some sort of physical resemblance. They even overlap pictures of both of them to make their point. Obviously, the theory is ridiculous despite having some followers even though the only ‘proof’ is that they look similar.


1. Justin Bieber Is Not From This Planet

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Becoming a teenage pop star would be impossible unless you were out of this planet. Reptilians are a kind of shapeshifter alien that are sent to this world to dominate humanity.

According to many fans, there was an interview from a media call PerthNow where a big amount of people state that they saw Justin Bieber become a reptile right in front of their eyes, they even affirm that when Bieber was seeing the fans in the airport, his skin turned to a greenish tone and scales came out of his body. There are other celebrities that people believe are part of these aliens, some of them are Miley Cyrus, and Queen Elizabeth.

As we the public we don’t know anything about the real-life of celebrities, people online love to create stuff about periods of their lives where something seemed kind of odd. Some people believe blindly in these and other assumptions even though they can be a little bit crazy, but you can’t deny they are pretty fun to read about. Do you believe in any of them?