No matter how good an actor is, sometimes it is impossible for them to keep in character because the emotion they are representing gets them to the core.

It can be a happy scene, a sad one, or a mad one, whatever they remember or use to portray the feelings can be so strong that they stop acting at all, even though the public can notice it or sometimes unexpected things change the course of their actions. Here are 10 incredible times where the actors weren’t acting.


10. Shelley Duvall –  The Shining

You may remember how scared, sad, and exhausted Shelley Duvall’s character looks in The Shining, and that is because playing Wendy Torrance wasn’t any easy. This movie was a challenge for her, since the director, Stanley Kubrick, put her through extreme situations like isolating her from the rest of the cast, constant verbal abuse, and making her repeat every scene many times until it came exactly how he wanted. All this torture so she could represent the true terror, causing her mental and physical damage.


9. Michael J. Fox – Back to The Future III

The final part of the sci-fi trilogy Back of The Future counts with a scene that almost takes away Michael J. Fox’s life. When Marty McFly gets into trouble in the Wild West, he waits for Doc to arrive and save him from the literal rope he is hanging from, but when he is dragged from the neck with it, in the final scene he forgot to grab his neck so he wouldn’t actually choke. It was someone from the crew who saved his life after he passed out since everyone, including the director, thought his reaction was purely flawless acting.


8. Jason Miller – The Exorcist

The set of The Exorcist was constantly full of jokes and pranks that the director William Friedkin enjoyed doing to the cast. This playful attitude even cost one of the main actresses, Ellen Burstyn, to break her coccyx. But a scene where Jason Miller, who played the Karras priest in the movie, was caught unaware of the actions of his co-stars was one of his favorites to keep in the final edition of the film. Though he expected green vomit to be shot to him from Regan, he didn’t expect it to be ejected directly to his face. Miller didn’t find this funny and he ended up being mad the rest of the day after that.


7. Brad Pitt – Fight Club

Brad Pitt’s face after Edward Norton hits him outside of the Fight Club is so real because Norton really hit him in the ear. The scene was scripted exactly how they filmed it, but the strike wasn’t supposed to be real. The accident happened because the director David Fincher convinced Norton to really beat him, the problem was that nobody told Brad about this. Though the scene ended up being in the final cut, they had to stop after this because Pitt started to scream ‘he hit me in the ear!’ in a lot of pain.


6. Extras – Casablanca

This one isn’t about a particular actor or actress but the compound of extras that appear on an emotive scene of the black and white classic Casablanca was so perfect that they had to be part of the movie. The release of this film was when World War II was still going, so the topic was more delicate than ever. There is a part in the bar where the nazis started singing a patriotic German song called ‘Die Watch am Rhein’ to then be dared by the French people who decided to respond with their national anthem. The French broke down in tears that we’re 100% real because many of the extras were authentic refugees from the war.


5. Steve Carell – The 40-Year-Old Virgin

The 40-Year-Old Virgin is full of funny scenes that ended up being classic laugh snatchers, but there is a particular one where everyone cracks up. When Andy Ritzer goes to get his extremely hairy chest depilated, the lady pulls really hard the wax sheets from his hair causing him to shout in pain. This part was completely real, and why may you ask it wasn’t faked? Because Steve Carell thought it would be funnier if he experimented this in his own flesh.


4. Sean Connery – Thunderball

James Bond movies are full of dangerous scenes that are often filmed by extras but in this part of the saga, Sean Connery did many of the stunts. When he had to swim with real sharks, he didn’t have any problem with it, but something went wrong when they were filming. Between him and the sharks, there was a protective acrylic glass to keep him safe, but accidentally one of them ended up being on the same side as him, putting him into a risky situation. His reaction was perfect for the movie, so they kept it.


3. Viggo Mortensen – The Lord of The Rings

No wonder how Aragorn’s tragic shout seems so real in The Lord of The Rings since the actor Viggo Mortensen was actually screaming from the pain of him kicking an anvil thinking it was just props. The explosive part took place when he arrived in the Hobbit villa and thought that all of them were dead and they couldn’t save them, and it ended up being so emotional and passionate that they loved it. However, Mortensen broke two of their toes for his little improvisation.


2. Julia Roberts – Pretty Woman

Everyone remembers the romantic and funny scene of the iconic Pretty Woman where Richard Gere gives Julia Roberts a beautiful gift. He hands her a box with a necklace, but when she is about to grab it, he thought it would be funny to close the box into her hand. Fortunately, this didn’t cause her any damage and she exploded with laughter which was perfect with the vibe of the part. The production loved the joke and put it in the film, and the scene became a classic often recreated in other romantic films and shows.


1. Drew Barrymore – E.T

Young Drew Barrymore played Gertie in Steven Spielberg’s E.T where she warmed the hearts of millions. As the main part of the cast was children, he told them that the alien was real, but he didn’t show them how E.T actually looked like. Drew’s first meet with the creature was real, her shouting came from the fear the thing caused her since she wasn’t expecting that aspect. Also, in the final scene where they cry because it is time for E.T to leave, their tears are genuine since they just found out that he wasn’t real at all and the production had to calm them down after this.

These actors remind us that even though they are amazing they still are humans who have emotions and that sometimes even Hollywood can’t control everything. The fact that they get out of character just makes the scenes even better so we can’t be mad at them for forgetting they were acting.