via AFP

The Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly one of the most iconic monuments on the planet. Its particular shape makes it a unique and very recognizable structure throughout the world. It is one of the most notorious attractions of the beautiful French capital, Paris, and therefore is one of the most visited tourist sites in the world.

The restrictions imposed by the COVID19 pandemic have greatly affected tourism all over the world. Among the affected sites is evidently the Eiffel Tower, which has not received visitors for more than a year.

Fortunately, thanks to advances in vaccination efforts, France is planning to reopen much of its tourist attractions to welcome the hundreds of thousands of tourists eager to visit its wonders.

The Eiffel Tower is planned to reopen its doors to tourists from July this year, but before that, a renowned French artist, Jean René – also known as JR –  has decided to do something amazing before the site is flooded by visitors and the main character of this work is the Eiffel Tower itself.

JR Set up a fence just a few meters in front of the tower, and using black and white photographic paper, he managed to create a spectacular optical illusion in which it appears that the Eiffel Tower is suspended, just leaning on the edges of a cliff.

The images are spectacular and as expected, immediately went viral. Hundreds of people in social media have been able to see and share this incredible optical effect created by the French artist. So many have been able to enjoy the Eiffel Tower from a very different perspective than usual before being able to visit it in person once tourism is reopened.

JR is known for this type of optical illusion work throughout Europe, the most recent being an illusion of the demolition of the Strozzi Palace in Florence, Italy.

While we wait for the expected reopening of the Eiffel Tower we are impressed to be able to enjoy this work of art that puts it, even for a few weeks, in a completely different perspective as we have never seen before.