via Televisa

In recent years, and especially during the pandemic and due to the mobility restrictions that it brought with it, app and food delivery systems have proliferated.

We have all ordered a burger, a pizza, or a drink from our favorite restaurant. The normal thing is to open the door and receive our order from a person, however, in recent days a rather peculiar carrier went viral.

An animal shelter called Garritas Guerreras located in the Mexican capital decided to start a hamburger sale to finance its expenses and the cost of caring for more than 160 animals that depend on the shelter. They had a different idea to make the deliveries.

The shelter decided to “hire” the services of Any, a small dog who lives in the shelter and has taken on the job of a delivery carrier. Walking up and down a street and placing orders of very little weight, Any has been seen making deliveries to the doors of the restaurant’s clients.

The shelter posted some photos of little Any and thousands of people responded moved by the incredible work of this dog. So, they started sending messages of support to the shelter and buying burgers.

Social media users also shared many photos that quickly began to circulate, making Any very famous. Many even did more than buy burgers and offered to make repairs to the shelter’s structure or even donate money to improve its conditions. Others were interested in the animals that live there and showed their desire to give each of them a new home.

Some people also showed concern, but the shelter stated that we can rest assure, Any’s work is just to serve as an image, she does not make any heavy or long walks.

The work of this refuge and Any fills us with joy and we hope that they will make many more people interested and want to contribute with them.