via The Guardian

We have all had our disappointments when it comes to love. Dating isn’t easy, all right. And finding your loved one is harder than it sounds. We can all agree relationships are a complicated thing in our lives, but boy we love them, don’t we?

Regardless it might be hard, some people dream of finding their “true love”, falling in love, and getting married. Nothing wrong with that. The thing is that it does sound kinda like a fairy tale? For when it comes to reality, things can get pretty blurry.

Nowadays, all the dating sites have, in some way, facilitated the “finding the right person” part. Yet, it looks like it isn’t enough. Some people give up. That is the case of Zheng Jiajia, a man that married a robot because he was tired of looking for his “other half”.

Zheng Jiajia is a 31-year-old Chinese engineer who works as a robot designer and artificial intelligence programmer in Hangzhou, China. For the last six years, Zheng had tried unsuccessfully dating. He had several short-timer relationships, but he failed to find “the one”.

Frustrated, he woke up one day and remembered reading something really bizarre on the news and decided to investigate more about it. You know, people who had married their sex dolls. He then had an idea: he would combine his robotic knowledge and design the perfect wife for him.

After many trials and errors, Zheng finally completed his AI robot which he named Yingying, his new love.

Yingying is able to understand and speak Chinese as she is able to decipher Chinese characters and images. She doesn’t speak it completely, she is only able to say a few words. However, she’s not able to walk yet. For this reason, Zheng has to carry her everywhere he wants to take her. And that includes, of course, their wedding day.

In many cultures, getting married is something that is expected before getting old. You know, when you’re an adult, you should get a job, get married, have kids… Zheng felt this social pressure and he decided it was time to take the bigger step.

After finishing Yingying, he knew it was time to step up their relationship. On the big day, he dressed Yingying in a black dress and a red scarf, as tradition states. For in Chinese culture, the bride must wear a red scarf draped over her head. It was a simple ceremony. A few friends and Zheng’s mother witnessed the unique event.

Today, Zheng is working on upgrading Yingying, so she can walk around and also help with chores. And as amazing as it may sound, Zheng is not the first person to actually get married to a robot. What do you think about it?