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The San Diego Government analyzed the scene where a man called Christian John Anders threw himself from a nine-parking deck structure, falling on top of Taylor Kahle – who was walking with a friend along the 1000 block of J Street – causing blunt force injuries on her head. She was 29 and just planning to celebrate her 30s a week after the events.

Taylor, who died in the scene, used to work as a Senior Event Manager at McFarlane Promotions, where she grew to become a beloved employee, according to the company’s Facebook profile:

“She was just about to celebrate, as she liked to say, her “Dirty 30” and had everything planned down to the favors for her guests. She was a true event planner at heart,” the company expressed on a heartfelt post.

On the other hand, the suicidal man died at a local hospital, less than an hour after his fall. The Medical Examiner’s Office of the San Diego Government released information as a public service where you can discover more details of the report of both deaths. The report for the suicide was:

“The decedent was a 19-year-old male who lived in San Diego. On the evening of 04/25/2021, he was observed entering a parking structure on 10th Avenue and J Street in downtown San Diego. He jumped from the ninth floor of the structure and fell onto a passerby who was walking on the sidewalk below. SDPD Officers were nearby and pulled over to assist. Paramedics responded to the scene and transported the decedent to UCSD Medical Center. Despite lifesaving efforts, the decedent died at the hospital. The female walking by on the sidewalk was pronounced dead at the scene”.

This is as sad as it is unfortunate and it should never happen again. We strongly encourage you to reach out for help if you feel like you can’t handle things anymore. You’re not alone.