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An elderly woman, in her 80s, has caused a major delay on a China Southern airline flight. The plane was supposed to travel from Shanghai to Guangzhou, but the take-off was significantly delayed because the passenger threw nine coins into one of the turbines.

You are probably wondering why she did this, aren’t you? Probably all the crew and passengers wondered the same thing. And the reason is nothing more than a simple superstition.

Just as you read, this lady was looking for good luck like those who throw cash into fortune well. According to the  police, the woman threw the coins to “pray for good luck.” But they still proceeded to arrest her for the harm her action caused.

The superstitious passenger, according to Chinese media, had reduced mobility and was accompanied by her husband and other family members.

The plane, an Airbus 320 with 150 passengers, departed five hours later than planned. Fortunately, one of the tourists on the flight noticed the woman’s gesture and alerts the crew. There was a risk that a coin could spoil the engine and cause major problems for the flight.

The 150 passengers had to be evacuated from the plane while the ground crew tried to recover the money. Eight of the coins were harmless, but one of them fell right into the engine. Airport employees had to do some meticulous work to resolve the incident.

The curious incident went viral on the Chinese social network Weibo and the police had to add an explanatory statement: “In the investigation, the passenger involved said that she threw the coins to pray for the safety of the plane. According to her partner, this woman believes in Buddhism.”

This isn’t the first thing that something like this happens. In fact, the Chinese government created a blacklist of people banned from flying.