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You know what they say: Crime never pays, not even if you’re a celebrity – or at least look like one. Mark Nye, who looks like the lost twin of UFC star Conor McGregor, recently learned this the hard way.

Nye had the intention of pretending to be the Ireland fighter in order to sell drugs. Even, the police discovered he was using business cards with the name “McGregor Enterprise” on the front and “best drop in Surrey” on the back but his business came to an end with 2 years and 9 months of prison.

The police found several cars and two phones which were checked by the authorities. The text messages proved he was selling A class drugs and the police took him immediately after capturing the 34-year-old in Southeast England.

“A search of the address Mark was staying at revealed a large amount of boric acid, a cutting agent which is used by dealers to cut drugs and can have serious health implications for users themselves,” lead investigator PC McGill told The Daily Mail.

In the house, the officers also found a large cleaver readily accessible by his bed which was more proof of the illegal situation.

The case result was dictated on April 9 in Guildford Crown Court the sentence of two years and nine months for possession of class A drugs and with the intent of supply.

In the United Kingdom, class A drugs are known as the most dangerous, such as heroin, meth, among others. However, the police didn’t clarify exactly what was he trying to sell.

“Thanks to the work of our proactive drugs teams, we have taken yet another dealer off our streets and prevented Mark from causing further harm to the victims of his crimes” expressed agent McGill.

As for the real Connor McGregor, he’s currently preparing for his next fight against Dustin Poirier next July, so he may have not even heard about this incident.