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Animals show their love without expecting anything in return. They love unconditionally. This is why their love is the truest love of all.

Animals are so sweet and intelligent. We frequently underestimate them, don’t we? This is the story of a loving dolphin who couldn’t keep from himself the cuteness and joy his new friend provoked on him.

Just getting carried away by his love, the dolphin jumped out of the water and kissed his furry land friend. Want to know the whole story?


Making New Friends

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The internet is plagued with infinite videos and stories about animals that make your heart beat with every word. But this one I bet ya is one of the sweetest and adorable no doubt.

One day these two dogs were on an expedition with their fur parents who turn out to be marine biologists. While they were all enjoying the sunny day and the cool open ocean adventure, they bumped into a new lovely friend.

What happened next is that the two land creatures were just fascinated by the marine animal. A very curious dolphin had come very close to the boat and was actually following them around. As it looks like, the dolphin was as enthusiastic as the two dogs by this unusual encounter.

They might have thought about what kind of creature is this while trying to understand why aren’t they in the water -or inside the boat.

After a while, the two fur parents decided to stop the boat and let the dolphin introduce himself to the dogs. But what happened next was really amazing, even for the marine biologists.

The marine creature was so excited to meet his new friends, and the thrill was reciprocal because the dogs couldn’t hide their enthusiasm either. And this is when the magical moment happened. The dolphin decided he needed to get closer and show his love to their new friends.


The Right Moment At The Right Time

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Driven by his curiosity, the dolphin just jumped out of the water and gave his canine friend a kiss. He literally put his wet nose on the dog’s -also wet- nose. After all, what’s the better way to show your love than a kiss, right?

After showing his love, the dolphin quickly went back into the water and continues his life with bliss that he has now made a new cool friend.

The two fur parents couldn’t believe they had just witnessed such a unique moment. And the best part is that this delightful heartbreaking adorable experience was caught on camera. As a matter of fact, the footage is part of the award-winning IMAX classic that depicts the life of the dolphins in their natural habitat.

Animals are so adorable. And this is the best example of how perfect nature can be.