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Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Sylvester, and many others have been children’s favorite television cartoon characters. They have made us laugh, taught us, and even made us believe in a world where things are done in such a funny non-painful way.

Looney Tunes, a cartoon series that has accompanied generations over decades. Created back in the 1930s by Warner Bros, children love the hundreds, maybe thousands of different cartoons that starred in television for so many years.

Today there are videogames, comic books, and films about the Looney Tunes characters. Take for instance Space Jam, a one-way ticket to every kid’s dream: to meet Bugs Bunny and his pals. Well, maybe today your dream won’t come true, but I’m pretty sure you didn’t know about these 10 incredible facts about the Looney Tunes.


10. The Original Tweety

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Originally, Tweety was meant to be a pink bird. His name wasn’t Tweety either. He was named Orson. But after his first appearance in 1942 in the short A tale of two kitties, where two hungry cats Babbit and Castello are trying to eat him, his appearance was modified due to criticism. The audience didn’t like the naked-appearance of the bird, so it was then drawn with yellow feathers and was renamed Tweety.


9. The Academy Awards Winner

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Looney Tunes has won two Academy Awards. The first one was in 1949 for its short For scent-imental reasons in which Pepe Le Pew won the audience heart while trying to seduce the female cat he usually confuses with a skunk. The second one was with Knighty Knight Bugs in 1958 where Bugs Bunny recovers a singing sword from Yosemite Sam and his fire-breathing dragon.


8. International Yosemite

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We all know Yosemite Sam by this name, but surprisingly, he has many aliases. It depends on the country you’re watching the cartoon. For instance, Sam Von Schamm the Hessian, Sam Schulz, Chilkoot Sam, Riff Raff Sam, and many others. And read this, in France, Yosemite is a pirate. He’s known as Sam the Pirate.


7. Wile. E Coyote And The Road Runner Have Rules

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I know, right? These two are always chasing or running from each other, they do all kinds of funny yet unrealistic things. They must live in anarchy, right? Well, as a matter of fact, they do live under certain rules and laws. The series writers decided to make a world that was actually governed by a set of rules like for instance the Road Runner is allowed to only harm the Coyote. He is also allowed to only say “meep-meep”. The Coyote’s greatest enemy is in fact gravity, not the Road Runner. And so on and so forth


6. The Word “Nimrod” Has A New Definition Thanks To Bugs Bunny

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Before being used by Bugs Bunny in his cartoon appearance, the word “nimrod” was used as a name for a Bible character. But Bugs Bunny made it popular and accidentally changed its meaning. The word was used to describe the ineptitude of Elmer Fudd, the hunter, as a way to humiliate him. When Bugs said “what a nimrod” the audience failed to get it was sarcasm and it soon became a way to describe a slow kind of stupid hunter.


5. Taz Is Not As Popular As We May Think

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Taz, shorter for the Tasmanian Devil, appeared in the show only five times. Taz is based on a real-life animal that lives on an island that goes by the same name as Tasmania in Australia. However, Taz might be considered a beloved character of the series, he was only in five shorts. He debuted in 1954. Sadly, the real Tasmanian devils don’t spin themselves into cartoonist tornadoes.


4. The One Time Speedy Gonzales Was Banned

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Speedy Gonzales was originally meant to be a rat with huge teeth, one of which was gold. Nonetheless, this design was discarded and the one we know nowadays was created. But this wasn’t the reason Speedy Gonzales was removed from T.V. The real reason was his stereotyping of the Mexican People. In 1999, all Speedy Gonzales episodes were removed from Cartoon Network. After many protests of the Hispanic community claiming they did not feel offended at all, in 2002 the fastest mouse in all Mexico came back to the screen now as a “cultural icon”.


3. Witch Hazel Right To Double Appear

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Witch Hazel is a character that has made her appearance in several shorts of Looney Tunes. And even though it is a character that belongs to Warner Bros, she is allowed to appear in Disney shorts as well. Her character is named after the plant witch-hazel.


2. “That’s All Folks!” Gravestone

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Mel Blanc’s gravestone reads “That’s all folks.” to honor his career performing the voice of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and many other Looney Tunes characters. His nickname was not in vain: “The man of thousand voices”. So when Mel died in 1989, it was the least Warner Bros could do for his beloved voice actor was to engrave Porky’s catchphrase “That’s all folks!”.


1. Bugs Bunny Is One Of The World’s Most-Portrayed Film Personalities

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There is no doubt Bugs Bunny is a worldwide cultural icon. I mean he even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, just like Mickey Mouse, The Simpsons, or Snoopy. This popularity makes him the #9 most-portrayed film personality in the world, surpassed by characters like Jesus Christ or Santa Claus.