Ever since YouTube started, it’s become one of the biggest ‘monsters’ of the internet. I mean, there’s literally no one in modern civilization who doesn’t regularly use this platform to listen to music, learn about a couple of things, or simply spend some time.

The influencers in this social media get their fame through the internet and become a celebrity worldwide with the content that they share. Needless to say, that also translates into a lot of money.

YouTubers get money from their sponsors and marketing of products because of the big reach, engagement, and potential targets of their global audience. That’s why today, we bring you the 5 YouTubers with the most subscribers:


5. Mr. Beast

via Business Insider

Jimmy Donaldson, known on the web as Mr. Beast, is one of the most followed influencers on youtube with 47.5 M subscribers. He was the pioneer of a genre of multiple videos called expensive stunts. Jimmy also donated a big amount of money to his fans and has an organization planting trees around the earth.


4. Vlad And Niki

via YouTube

Vlad and Niki are in the top 4, the two little brothers have reached a gigantic audience with the showcase based on non-stop fun and crazy adventures. Up to this day, Vlad and Niki have 59.7 million subscribers.


3. Nastya Vlog

via YouTube

Nastya Vlog is the YouTube channel of Anastasia Radzinskaya, which holds 65.6 million subscribers. She is Russian and has a history of overcoming cerebral palsy being very young. Besides that difficult situation, she became famous for her content for kids with the help of her parents.


2. Kids Diana Show

via Amazon

Diana with the “Kids Diana Show” has 70.9 million subscribers. If you follow her you will see all kinds of entertainment kids’ videos: toys unboxing, Challenge, vlogs, funny playing with water, games, entertainment, travel.


1. PewDiePie

via Dexerto

PewDiePie is the name of the channel that belongs to the YouTuber Felix Kjellberg, being the individual with more subscribers in the world with 108 million subscribers. He achieved his fame by posting creative short films, animated videos, and video game content using a little bit of polemic.