Parenting must be one of the scariest tasks on earth. We always take into account the difficulties that the newborn will bring, but when it is one of the parents who creates the problem, everything becomes more difficult. This case is a couple of future parents who according to the husband they “were supposed” to have a boy, but in fact, is a girl.

She told him and he asked his wife to keep it to herself and give him some time to reveal the truth. She took to a Reddit forum to get some advice.

She wrote: “Ever since I got pregnant my husband’s been saying he wanted our first child to be a boy, I don’t know why. He never cared in the past and is the type who treats everyone equally.”

The reason is that in the father’s family all the first children have always been boys, and he does not want to break the tradition. What happened in his family has nothing to do with something certain, it randomly happened that way.

To make it worse, she even found out that the man was telling his entire family that they were going to have a boy. After finding out, she posted on Facebook that they are having a boy instead, prompting the woman to correct him, in her announcement.

She added: “I announced that it’s a girl then called my husband out for lying to his entire side of the family. He saw it instantly and came into the room looking angry asking what I was doing.” Some users commented on the woman’s publication, one even wrote “my expectations as a father for him are quite low”.

The future father deleted his Facebook account as he began to receive many discouraging messages, you do not know the outcome of this story.

Hopefully, everything goes well, especially for the little girl, in the end, she did not choose to come into the world. The father will eventually have to accept that he will have, surely a fabulous daughter.