If you have been on the internet recently, you have heard or read the new saying “no bones day”. There are memes, videos, pictures, all over social media related to this, but what does it actually mean and where did it come from?

No bones day has its origin in TikTok, as most trends do now. It all started when the user Jonathan Graziano started to post clips of his 13-year-old dog Noodles. Noodles is a very old pug, whose bones are really tired, and sometimes doesn’t feel like standing up and walking.

Noodles is Jonathan’s best friend, they lived together in an apartment in New York City. The beginning of every day is a mystery for Jonathan because he finds out every morning if it is a “bones day” or a “no bones day”.

He has recorded this discovery every day since August. In the clips, you can watch Graziano picking Noodles up from his bed to put him on the floor and see if the dog wants to stand up, if he does, it is a bones day, if he doesn’t it is the opposite.

It seems like Noodles’ old body is capable of turning into fluffy jello whenever his bones are too tired to move, as his owner explained in a previous video from March, but other days he is feeling a little bit more energetic and decides to walk through the apartment.

Graziano’s profile, @jongraz, has gotten a lot of followers, even though people already loved his pug snores content, but after a few videos of bones days, his TikTok gained a lot of popularity because users in the app find Noodles as a relatable mood. After all, not all days are good days, and millennials and gen Z had adopted this as their motto.

Both terms have become really popular, now being a common saying among social media. People use it to express their level of productivity or laziness whether they feel like attending their jobs and schools or not, and it has started to be an excuse for their bosses.

However, even though Noodles is having a no-bones day, his life is very happy, he just doesn’t want to move a lot, but he still breathes and eats and does his regular things, it just means that he doesn’t feel like standing up or takes longer to get where he wants, but people like to use it for their moods.

Still, like most viral things, no bones days has become an international phenomenon when people await for a Noodles update, and they leave thousands of comments in Jonathan’s videos whenever he hasn’t posted. As of today, one of his most recent TikToks, which, by the way, was a bones days, has over 10 million views and 2.5 million likes.