The famous “Skinny House” in Boston has been sold for an incredible price, the house not only has a characteristic shape but is also part of the modern history of the city.

The home in the city’s North End was listed in August for $ 1.2 million, and the transaction closed Thursday for $ 1.25 million, according to real estate agency Zillow.

The house received multiple offers and the final price was agreed above the published price in less than a week, real estate agency CL Properties said on Facebook. The four-story home built in 1862, according to a plaque on the facade, measures 1,165 square feet.

At its widest point, it measures 10 feet, and at its narrowest 9.25 feet. It has two bedrooms and one bathroom and includes a deck overlooking the Boston Harbor. The entrance door is not in the front but in a sidewall.

“Our first day for marketing the property there were about 50 to 75 people just photographing the house, just part of their walking tour,” says Travis Sachs, the real estate agent who sold the house.

According to the plaque, it is also known as the House of spite. Local history tells that the house was built on land that was the inheritance of two brothers. One of them enlisted in the army and during that time the other brother built a large house on much of the land.

On the way back, the military brother built a very thin house, in front of the other to take away the view and the sunlight. The house is a frequent tourist spot, seen along the Freedom Trail in Boston. Surprisingly, this is not the only house that has been built out of brotherly resentment.

In Beirut, Lebanon, the thinnest building in the country known as “The Grudge” was erected for the sole purpose of blocking a brother’s home from the view of the sea.