If you thought you had seen or heard it all, I’m sorry to say no. And it is that in Canada something incredible happened to a woman who was sleeping comfortably in her bed and we could say that she is alive by a miracle.

A meteorite passed through the roof of the woman’s house that ended up safe and sound from the unexpected event. The space stone ended up embedded in the pillow she was using.

It happened in British Columbia, and the main character of this story is Ruth Hamilton. “I jumped up and turned on the light, I couldn’t understand what had happened,” he told local Victoria News.

She confessed to being amazed, she commented on the cosmic experience lived; “Maybe it’s billions of years old,” he mentioned in the interview.

“I was shaking and scared when it happened, I thought someone had entered my house or that it was a weapon.”

Ruth woke up to the sound of the meteor through her ceiling, as if it were the sound of a crash, and dust falling on her face. That same night, about 50 miles from their home, people enjoyed a meteor sighting at Lake Louise.

It seems that some pieces fell off during the sighting and one of them literally ended up on Ruth’s pillow. Some neighbors mentioned that their gardens and roofs also had fragments but without a doubt, the history of Hamilton became the most outstanding.

She called 911 and with the police at her home, investigating the material found, they confirmed that the rock was not rubble from construction near the house.

Once she was informed what the material was that fell into his house, she said in public that she will keep it as a keepsake for her grandchildren.

Regarding the damages suffered by the property, they will be repaired and the woman’s insurance company will determine if the policy covers it or not. According to the insurer, this is the first time something like this has happened.