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Black cats usually are associated with bad luck and witchcraft. But this time, you might find they are just nonsense. A black cat led rescuers to find his owner that fell down a ravine by attracting attention with its meows.

This cat is a hero indeed. He saved its owner who fell into a ravine. He meowed for help and didn’t stop until his owner was safe. According to local media, the cat meowed for more than 20 minutes, which made close people perceive the accident of the owner.

Firefighters detailed that the woman fell into a ravine with difficult access, and her rescue was thanks to the cat’s meows. Bravo black kitten. There you have it, superstitious. Having a cat comes handier than you ever thought of.


The Epic Rescue

It all happened in Cornwall, England. A cat rescued his 83-year-old owner after she fell into a ravine, attracting the attention of passersby with her meows.

Bodmin Police, located in Cornwall, shared on Facebook last week that officers were searching for the missing woman since Saturday. But it was located by a “member of the public” who saw the woman’s cat meowing in the corner of a large cornfield.

“The elderly woman had fallen approximately 70 feet down a very steep embankment, with incredibly difficult access and uneven terrain,” police shared on Facebook.

After the black cat, named Piran, drew attention to its missing owner, emergency officials took her to a field before taking her to a hospital by air ambulance.

“Piran the cat saved the day!” Bodmin police shared.

Later, authorities shared that the woman was in “good condition” while receiving medical attention after her fall. Users in networks recognized the action of the cat as heroic, for their part authorities will protect the cat until the woman leaves the hospital.