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Aiden Fucci stabbed a schoolmate, Tristyn Bailey, 114 times during a gruesome episode on Mother’s Day in St. John County, Florida, according to authorities.

At least 49 of the injuries to Bailey’s hands, arms, and head were “defensive in nature,” the investigating attorney said.

During a press conference yesterday, St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office officers confirmed that the body found in a wooded area Sunday night was that of Bailey, a girl reported missing that same day.

Fucci appeared in court for his pre-trial conference via video call from a room at the Duval County Jail, where he is being held without bond. There, he said that “demons were going to take his soul.

The teens were classmates at Patriot Oaks Academy in St. Johns, but police said they don’t know if they knew each other, the Daily Beast reported.

The motives for this brutal murder are still unknown, but what the prosecutor in the case was able to anticipate is that the defendant has a history of mental issues.

After his arrest, Fucci posted a selfie of himself in the back of a patrol car referencing Tristyn. In the photo, Fucci shows a peace sign.

The photo has the caption: “Hey guys, has anyone seen Tristyn lately?”

Police arrested Fucci on Monday, May 10, and St. Johns County Sheriff’s deputies recovered a knife near a pond where Bailey’s body was found. Fucci’s mother, Crystal Smith, is charged with tampering with evidence in her son’s murder case, allegedly for washing blood off her son’s jeans.

She was released after a $2,500 grant. If Aiden is found guilty, the teenager could face a life sentence in prison but would be eligible for review when he gets 25 years old.

A student from the same school testified in court that a few months ago Aiden had commented that “he wanted to kill someone” this sworn statement was taken into consideration in this case.